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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Would you like some butter on your graffiti?

This is the trailer edit of a presentation given by Evan Roth about his amazing open source project Graffiti Markup Language (.GML) at the Mozilla Drumbeat festival last fall in Barcelona. I was brought on board by Henrik Moltke to put together this multicam edit as well as help brainstorm about how the popcorn javascript [...]

The World is Just Gonna Get Weirder: Ben Hammersley on the Future of Cities and Networked Society

We interviewed Ben Hammersley this weekend as part of an upcoming Transatlantic Network 2020 event at the British Council Berlin. Incidentally, Ben was the moderator at this past weekend’s Cognitive Cities conference. You can join the conversation we’ve started with Ben on Twitter (#TN2020) or Quora: What will make living in a city worthwhile in [...]