Many Hands Make Light Work: The New friendfund Video

After having spent several months last year working on the Future of Money, it’s inspiring to see ever more startup initiatives that seek to create new economic structures. Berlin-based friendfund takes a fresh approach to sharing expenses with friends they call friendfunding. While this sort of thing may seem familiar, it’s an entirely separate concept from crowdfunding. Whereas platforms like Kickstarter tap into the generosity of amicable strangers to achieve a fundraising goal, friendfund works directly with people you know and the power of real social networks.

The friendfund team approached us to create an explanatory video which presents their service simply and clearly for a general audience. KS12 got involved in every stage of the process, from script development to music composition. We decided to make use of a simple analog motion graphics technique, manipulating photo cutouts in time to a voiceover. This style worked well to compliment the screencast portion of the video. And of course a critical asset to the production was the diverse group of extras who lent their hands to the images.

We hope you enjoy the new friendfund video and look forward to hearing from you about your next explanatory video project!