Back in Berlin and ready to sprint at Social Media Week!

We are back in Berlin after some wonderful and inspiring weeks in Washington D.C., Portland and San Francisco. We are getting ready for our new video sprint with the British Council at Social Media Week Berlin about transatlantic influence.

Yesterday on our way to dinner we discovered the posters for Social Media Week Berlin. We’re looking forward to our workshop at the British Council offices next Wednesday. While the workshop is fully booked up you can still participate on Quora (give your own answers to the questions we’re asking our interviewees) and Flickr (upload photos which you think relate to the themes we’re addressing).

Stay tuned for the Skype interviews with Ben Hammersley, Philip L. McKenzie and Jón Þór Ólafsson to be released online next week! Spread the word about the project and join the conversation on twitter #influence #tn2020 #smwberlin! To start things off, let’s pick on the question at the heart of the discussion so far:

How is transatlantic influence changing?

For the last two centuries Europe and North America have dominated global economics, culture and politics. How is this influence changing?

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  1. It’s a huge question which I don’t think anyone has the answer to. If you believe Warren Buffet, the economic checks and balances in west are still the safest place for investors, but if look at what’s happening in the EU, it looks to me like anything could happen at this point. Would love to get your thoughts on this in a panel discussion I’m hosting via Skype on Saturday, Sept. 24 at 4pm Berlin Time for I’d you’d like to join our panel, please sends connection request Skype ID: ericschwartzman and I’ll send you more details. Hope you can do it. Thanks!

    1. It certainly is a broad question, no doubt, although that’s one reason we like it. For instance, nobody we’ve interviewed so far had mentioned Warren Buffet’s recent stance on taxing the rich. Curious to see if that will come up again as we continue with our interviews. As far as anything happening in the EU, in Berlin’s parliamentary elections today the Pirate Party had a smashing victory over the FDP so indeed anything does seem possible at the present moment.

      Regarding tomorrow’s panel discussion, it sounds like an interesting opportunity. We’ll be in touch via Skype.

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