Product as Process Part 3: Video Sprint Features

Making The Future of Art with our team at Transmediale 2011. Photo by Patrizia.

Today is a big day for us. We’re finally going to send off our PIE application. These last several days have been a push to get clear about our process and the questions in the application have been a helpful tool for reflection. The very first question in the application asks:

How are you telling the story of your product?
Give us a link where we can experience that story.

This mini-series of blog posts has been our attempt to answer that question. We’ve done it in public because we think you (whoever you are reading this) would find it interesting too. In our first post we covered the motivations behind the idea of Product as Process and how as a production company we cannot have a functional conversation about our work and call our videos products. Our second post charted the history of the Video Sprint and its roots in code sprints, hackathons and rapid prototyping. For our final post dedicated to telling the story of the Video Sprint, let’s look at its key features:

Video Sprint Features

  • Event-Based: we work with existing events and events that we help to create
  • Fast: we work at high speeds to meet absolute deadlines
  • Authentic: we create from our own subjective perspective

The Future of Art Videoblog: Episode 2 does a good job of showing these features in action:

The Main Event

Over the last couple years we’ve had the pleasure and privilege of gaining access to some great events. We’ve produced videos for the world’s biggest auto show in Frankfurt, the world’s biggest financial services conference when it happened in Amsterdam and two of Europe’s leading media art festivals in Berlin and Eindhoven, to name a few.

We’re excited by the possibility of what we could achieve supported by the resources and talent at PIE. We currently are in conversation with art festivals in London and Frankfurt, an academic seminar and an artist retreat in Austria, and a web event in Berlin. With the help of PIE we’d expect to scale our approach by including bigger events and expanding our team.

There’s a certain series of talks held in California every year that we’ve had our eye on for a while. There’s been a lot of excitement lately about a pretty big athletics competition happening in London this year. We hear Austin’s got a nifty tech conference. And there are those sort of famous film festivals in Utah and France …

What do you think?

Is there a particularly interesting or inspiring event where you’d like to see us produce a Video Sprint?

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  1. Hey guys,
    First of all, thanks for doing so many great thins, and for the inspiration you bring out in the world.

    Since i meet you i have learn to not just hear what is the demand from others, but listen to my self and do those actions that bring me something. And even more, discover and accept that we create from our own subjective experience; I mean, we should not try to be so objective and separated from our life, but rather enjoy our input in this world as a result from our own experiences and practical knowledge.

    When you ask What do you Think? Inspiring events that are worth documenting, I would like to say that i Hope you search for those event where something is changing. I feel you have a great ability to find those -Geists- in our time, and i hope you continue to find them to publish them open to the world.
    I wish you success in developing KS12, maybe through PIE or maybe through something else. Might be big events, or might be small, but always looking for those inspiring thoughts behind that are moving our world forwards.


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