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Transmedia Documentation Master Class: Blog Post #2

  The word “documentary” comes loaded with many connotations and assumptions. For many people a documentary is merely assumed to be a collection of facts. Or worse yet, it is considered some sort of ‘opposite’ of fiction. In this case I’d have to side with my favorite living German filmmaker Werner Herzog to say that [...]

Transmedia Documentation Master Class: Blog Post #1

This week I am conducting a master class workshop for the students of the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule masters program in media spaces. This class is working on the thematic topic of Transient Living: The main topic of this semester is to conduct extensive research and deliver innovative modes and models for situations that involve temporary, [...]

Another Dimension

We got older. And as we got older we realized we had rules. Not the rules of our parents. Not the rules of some big corporation or government. Rules of interaction, of engagement, etiquette even. We had grown up in a world of magical objects – things with attributes, properties, menus and options. And slowly [...]

Design Fact or Fiction? Happy 2013!

Eno Henze sent us this photo of a certain familiar yet mysterious object from his recent trip to Amsterdam. We first met Eno last year at the Resonate festival after screening Timeless. Now, almost a year later, we’re happy to announce our participation in the NODE forum for digital arts in Frankfurt thanks to Eno’s [...]