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True Tablet Technology

Tablets are the original rewritable tools for written communication. They have contributed to the development of philosophy, commerce, education and general literacy. Once people got in the habit of writing stuff down on a temporary portable surface the idea stuck – for centuries. Then something funny happened. A couple years ago when portable touchscreen computers [...]

What ever happened to Video Sprint after PIE?

It was late October 2012. We had just returned from three months of near perfect sunshine in Portland, Oregon to the grey and dingy early winter of former East Berlin. After a couple weeks, the euphoria of Demo Day had died down and reality began to sink in. Prospective clients for Video Sprints didn’t have [...]

KS12 now exiting ‘stealth mode’ on Betabook

It’s been a while since we updated the KS12 blog and its been for a good reason. We’ve been in what the startup scene calls “stealth mode” working on a new project together with long-time collaborator Jay Cousins called Betabook – the whiteboard tablet for the digital age. If you’re in Berlin we hope you [...]

Transmedia Documentation Master Class: Blog Post #2

  The word “documentary” comes loaded with many connotations and assumptions. For many people a documentary is merely assumed to be a collection of facts. Or worse yet, it is considered some sort of ‘opposite’ of fiction. In this case I’d have to side with my favorite living German filmmaker Werner Herzog to say that [...]

Transmedia Documentation Master Class: Blog Post #1

This week I am conducting a master class workshop for the students of the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule masters program in media spaces. This class is working on the thematic topic of Transient Living: The main topic of this semester is to conduct extensive research and deliver innovative modes and models for situations that involve temporary, [...]