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Design Fact or Fiction? Happy 2013!

Eno Henze sent us this photo of a certain familiar yet mysterious object from his recent trip to Amsterdam. We first met Eno last year at the Resonate festival after screening Timeless. Now, almost a year later, we’re happy to announce our participation in the NODE forum for digital arts in Frankfurt thanks to Eno’s [...]

Every Conversation is an Interview

Last week we participated in an inaugural forum on young cultural leaders at the Salzburg Global Seminar created in partnership with National Arts Strategies. The seminar brought together over 50 people from all over the world to discuss and learn from one another across a broad range of issues in arts and culture. The group [...]

Sarcasm, Sincerity and Cynicism: Portland vs. Berlin

Being back in Berlin after three months in Portland, its difficult not to give in to the desire to compare and contrast the two cities. It’s safe to say we miss Portland. In our newfound homesickness we’ve indulged in watching (and re-watching) clips of the TV show Portlandia on YouTube. And having gotten a chance [...]