Studio for experimental storytelling.

The Future of Art  
Transmediale (2011)

What are the defining aesthetics of art in the networked era?
How is mass collaboration changing notions of ownership of art?
How does micro-patronage change the way artists produce and distribute artwork?

This video sprint was shot, edited and screened inside of five days at the Transmediale 2011 in Berlin, Germany. Interviews were shot on location and over Skype. Additional material was collected through a participatory framework.



Conceived and Edited by Gabriel Shalom
Produced by KS12 / Emergence Collective
Executive Producer: Patrizia Kommerell
Assistant Editor: Clare Molloy
Production Assistant: Annika Bauer


Aaron Koblin
Michelle Thorne
Caleb Larsen
RĂ©gine Debatty
Heather Kelley
Vincent Moon
Ken Wahl
Reynold Reynolds
Bram Snijders
Mez Breeze
Zeesy Powers
Joachim Stein
Eric Poettschacher