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People in Beta: Gianfranco Chicco

In this series of video interviews we highlight our Betabook alpha testers: professionals who have been using Betabook prototypes for several months. Gianfranco Chicco has been a Betabook alpha tester since October 2014. In this Skype interview he talks about his personal workflow with Betabook which combines digital tools like Evernote and Wunderlist. He also [...]

Early Stage

Why is Portland an interesting place to create a startup? How can we understand entrepreneurs and software engineers to be a new creative class? What roles do story and performance play in the creation of an enterprise? Following the true story of a group of aspiring startups in the Portland Incubator Experiment (PIE), in the [...]


The digital settles in as background. We remember less and query more. Our identity play would be considered schizophrenic in the last century. We have more friends than ever before yet know new frontiers of isolation. The quantification of our experience haunts us in the form of a persistent history. And we are distracted more [...]

Transatlantic Influence: Exploring Different Views on Politics, Culture and Economics

Tonight’s workshop at the British Council resulted in a lively discussion, in no small part thanks to the telepresent participation of Ben Hammersley, Philip L. McKenzie and Jón Þór Ólafsson. We hope you enjoy these Skype interviews as they whet your appetite for the results of our video sprint (coming soon). We’ll be tweeting some [...]

The World is Just Gonna Get Weirder: Ben Hammersley on the Future of Cities and Networked Society

We interviewed Ben Hammersley this weekend as part of an upcoming Transatlantic Network 2020 event at the British Council Berlin. Incidentally, Ben was the moderator at this past weekend’s Cognitive Cities conference. You can join the conversation we’ve started with Ben on Twitter (#TN2020) or Quora: What will make living in a city worthwhile in [...]